Which Dogs Benefit from Galen Myotherapy?

Will it help my dog?

Galen Myotherapy is not a magic cure for all ailments. However, it is a hugely powerful range of techniques that can rebalance your dog’s kinetic chain and relieve pain. Most of the conditions we see are as a result of underlying conditions, old injuries or repetitive strain. Here are some other examples of issues that can be treated with Galen Myotherapy:

  • Ongoing lameness that is typically difficult to pin-point accurately
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Patella subluxation
  • Behavioural issues – dogs in pain almost always behave differently. That can include appearing to be grumpy, refusing to do things they always used to, struggling to learn new movements or tricks, showing anixiety or agression
  • Compensatory issues – previously healthy limbs take the load for painful joints, then become sore and stiff
  • Whiplash caused from impact at speed
  • Reducing the risk of injury in working and sporting dogs

In some circumstances your dog shouldn’t have treatment:

  • if you do not have vet consent
  • a very recent accident or injury
  • undiagnosed pain
  • your dog has a contagious illness/condition
  • within 2 hours of eating
  • if your dog has just finished vigorous exercise

There are other contraindications, which is why it’s important to talk in more detail about your dog’s individual needs before I start treatments.

Most dogs, young or old, couch potatoes or canine athletes, super fit or struggling will benefit from Galen Myotherapy.

See the section below for more detail on the three broad categories that benefit from this treatment

  • Conditions – dogs with chronic musculoskeletal conditions causing compensatory issues and pain
  • Performance – working and sporting dogs
  • Recovery – dogs recovering from injury or surgery


When joints are damaged or not aligned properly, muscles and soft tissues in other parts of the body start to compensate and can become sore, tight and painful


Working and Sporting dogs can carry a tough load on their bodies due to intense, repetitive activities. Minimise the risk of injury, improve performance and extend active years


Working with you, your vet, physio, and any other members of team dog, Galen Myotherapy supports recovery from injuries/operations and a quicker return to good health

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