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Veterinary Consent

Price – usually free

Veterinary consent is required prior to any treatment taking place. Not only is this a legal requirement, it is really important that I know about any conditions that your dog has so I can treat them safely and with the best outcome.

The Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 1962 allows for the treatment of an animal by physiotherapy, but only under the direction, supervision and on the recommendation of the treating veterinarian who has diagnosed the condition. Any therapist who treats a dog without veterinary consent is working outside of the law.

‘Physiotherapy’ in this case is defined as including all kinds of manipulative therapy, including myotherapy. Vets do not usually charge to complete a consent form, but if they have not seen your dog recently they may ask you to visit to make sure it is safe for me to treat them.

    Vet Consent Form

    Please contact your vet and let them know that you would like your dog to have Galen Myotherapy treatment. Download this form and e-mail it to your vet so they can complete and return it to me.

    I am happy to contact your vet directly to discuss the treatment and to help you complete the form.

    Consultation and Treatment 1


    Price £65 – up to 90 minutes

     I will visit you at home, carry out a detailed assessment taking into account

    • your dog’s vet report
    • your observations and concerns
    • my visual assessment of how your dog moves in their home
    • completing a Galen Comfort Scale questionnaire with you
    • hands on palpation

     Using the above, I develop a treatment plan  for your dog and carry out the first session. I will use Galen Myotherapy techniques including targeted soft tissue manipulation, myofascial release and passive movement. Photobiomodulation (Photizo Vetcare) and/or tPEMF (Assisi) may be used to ease trigger points and complement massage techniques.

     We will talk about suitable remedial exercise techniques for your dog and I will show you how to carry them out safely.

     The first time I visit I have a lot to learn from both of you, which is why the session takes much longer than any subsequent treatment visits.

     I will give you recommendations and suggestions about simple things you can do at home to make it easier for your dog to maintain good muscular balance in their day-to-day life. You will learn some simple massage techniques and conditioning exercises you can use to further support your dog when I’m not with you.

     After I leave, I will e-mail you a Home Exercise Plan which summarises everything we’ve talked about and gives you massage tips, enrichments ideas and conditioning exercises for your dog as appropriate.

     The first visit can be quite overwhelming and you may have lots of questions that spring to mind after I leave. You can call or e-mail me any time and I will be very happy to have a chat and put your mind at ease.


    Subsequent Treatments

    Price £45 – up to 60 minutes

    Your dog is likely to be more settled on the second and subsequent visits as they become more comfortable with me! Before I start these treatments, things I take into account include:

    • how your dog reacted to previous sessions
    • any changes in behaviour that you’ve noticed
    • how your dog is moving today
    • hands on palpation, feeling for any changes from previous session

    Please set aside up to an hour for these sessions; they involve a combination of discussion, hands-on treatment, reviewing therapeutic exercise techniques and you practising your myotherapy skills with input from me. We will review the Home Exercise Plan and make any changes or additions needed. I will e-mail you an updated copy.

    A course of Galen Myotherapy usually consists of 3 sessions in total:

    • initial consultation and treatment
    • 2 further treatments a week to 10 days apart depending on your dog

    Your dog should experience considerable improvements in this time and my approach means that by the end of the third session, sustainable changes will be in place which mean your dog shouldn’t need to see me so often. You will have myotherapy skills to continue to support them and you will have made changes to their ennvironment and lifestyle which last a lifetime. After the first and third sessions, I e-mail a report to your Vet to describe what treatments have taken place and what improvements your dog has experienced. 

    If you have any questions after any of my visits you can call or e-mail me and I will be very happy to have a chat.

     Galen Short Courses

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    • Introduction to Canine Massage and Visual Assessment
    •  Movement of the Canine
    •  Soft Tissue and Injury Repair
    •  Canine First Aid

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    Getting Started is Easy


    Free Chat

    Call or e-mail me and tell me all about your dog! I will do my best to answer any questions you have and explain what happens during the sessions

    Book Appointment

    Complete a ‘Doggy Detail’ form and reserve an appointment pending vet consent

    1st Session!

    Once I have the completed vet consent form we are ready to go! Your reserved appointment will be confirmed and I will meet you and your best friend for their first session

    Contact Me

    If you have any questions you can call me, or send me an email.

    For emergencies please call your vet

    Business Hours

    If you are worried about your dog, it is important to get your questions answered as soon as possible. Always talk to your vet about emergencies, or if you think your dog has a new illness or their condition has changed.

    I am here 7 days a week for general help and advice relating to Galen Myotherapy and will return your call or e-mail within 24hrs. 

    If you call and don’t get through I am probably carrying out a consultation, so please leave a message and I will call you back.

    Appointments Available 

    Monday – Saturday = 10am – 8pm

    Sun = Closed