Surgery & Injury

How Massage can Help


Galen Myotherapy can be used prior to surgery, to treat and reduce compensatory issues by:

  • relaxing tense muscles
  • minimising adhesions
  • encouraging healthier soft tissues

Galen myotherapy has a powerful mechanical action, so it encourages good lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. 

Passive movement techniques are also used to stimulate synovial fluid production. As a result, it helps to prepare muscles and joints to reach as healthy a condition as possible. The healthier soft tissues are, and the better the range of joint movement prior to surgery, the more it will support the most positive outcome possible for your dog.

Post-surgery or injury

Treating compensatory issues with Galen Myotherapy helps to rebalance the dog as much as is possible. So it is a very supportive element of rehabilitation post surgery or injury. It is most effective as part of a multi modal approach, alongside veterinary, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and other complementary treatments.

This overall management plan, including myotherapy post surgery or injury, leads to a reduction in stiffness and inflammation. Also, because the kinetic chain is enhanced, it will be possible for muscles to be strengthened where previously they were too sore or too tight to work properly.

Rebalancing and strengthening of the musculature supporting joints is further enhanced with exercises in passive movement to improve the health of the joint itself.

Joint health is positively influenced, because passive movement stimulates the neural pathways of the joint. Replicating the natural movement of the joint assists the formation of synovial fluid.

All of these myotherapy techniques encourage increased mobility. This leads to improved gait and an ability to apply further physical techniques to further strengthen and condition your dog.


When joints are damaged or not aligned properly, muscles and soft tissues in other parts of the body start to compensate and can become sore, tight and painful


Working and Sporting dogs can carry a tough load on their bodies due to intense, repetitive activities. Minimise the risk of injury, improve performance and extend active years


Working with you, your vet, physio, and any other members of team dog, Galen Myotherapy supports recovery from injuries/operations and a quicker return to good health

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