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Choose to improve your best friend’s health – tips & links.



Wooden floors and tiles are easy to clean, but they are like ice rinks for dogs. Regularly slipping on flooring can cause long term problems and pain.


Trips to your dog’s favourite spot for a walk are brilliant, but jumping in and out of a car puts a lot of pressure on joints and muscles.

If your dog is little, lift them in and out. If they are too big to safely lift, use steps or ramps to help them.


The body heals itself during sleep so it is enormously important that your dog’s bed is comfortable.

  • Make sure it has plenty of support
  • offer a pillow or cushion
  • keep it out of draughty area
  • make sure it is big enough for your dog to stretch out (hard plastic beds are often not big enough)


Ditch the bowl!

Use meal times to challenge the grey cells. This avoids adding extra calories and stimulates dogs to move gently and eat slowly.  Snuffle mats are a great way to do this and you can easily make them yourself. Here is a link to help

Scent work

Every dog benefits from using their nose. From hiding food in toilet rolls stuffed inside shoe boxes, to teaching passive indications for specific scents. The benefits of scent work can be huge, lots of dopamine is release in the brain when a dog sniffs intently and emerging research suggests it also has benefits for dogs with cognitive decline.

Teach something

You don’t need to be on Britain’s got Talent, but teaching a new trick is fun for you and your dog. Start simple, a hand/nose touch is gentle, suitable for most dogs and really useful in all sorts of situations. Here is a simple YouTube video to get you started


Chuck the Chucker

It seems like a great way to exercise a high energy dog, but repetitive ball chasing can be very damaging for your dog’s joints. Swap chucking for fetching a ‘dead’ ball. reward your dog for staying when you roll the ball away from them, then release them to ‘get it’. Gradually up the game until your dog can stay when you throw the ball, release him/her to fetch when the ball has stopped.

Alternatively, don’t throw the ball at all, hide it! Then send your dog to find it.


Adjust Food intake

The less exercise your dog has, the less food is needed. Check your dog’s body condition score, it’s easier to monitor than weight.

Keeping your dog lean is the single most important thing you can do to improve their quality of life. Weight each meal rather than relying on a cup.

Studies evidence that dogs at a healthy weight live more than 2 years longer than overweight dogs.

You love your dog and you can do this to keep them healthy.

Little and Often

For older dogs or dogs with chronic conditions like arthritis, little and often is far better than a trek at the weekend. 

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