How Ki5 Canine Therapy was born

Hello! I’m Emma

Galen Myotherapist covering Cornwall & Devon

This is my dream job; I remind myself every day how lucky I am. I haven’t always felt this way and the path to Ki5 Canine Therapy has been a long and winding one! This is the story of what inspired the path to Galen Myotherapy, finding my way to a choice based, multi modal approach to treating your dog.

To help your dog become healthier, see their joy as they move more freely and raise that waggy tail, hear your stories of how they are sleeping more soundly and getting back to their cheekiest best is the greatest reward I could wish for. It is a privilege to be a part of your team.

Finding my way

I stumbled across the world of Environmental Health when the factory I was working for was being investigated for noise nuisance. “What has this got to do with dog massage?” I hear you cry! Well, my decision to become an Environmental Health Officer introduced me to the concept of holistic pracitise relating to human health. Humans often present with one complaint, which rapidly turns in to several, complex issues which need to be considered and treated together in order to get the best outcome. Dogs are no different, except they can’t tell us how they feel. When I was looking to support my dog’s health, I discovered that Galen Myotherapy approaches canine health in a very similar way.  

There’s always a dog!

We’ve had dogs in our home for as long as I can remember. Beagles, Border collies, Labradors, Mastiffs, but it was a Chocolate Labrador called Bhalu who gave me the courage and determination to make the leap and become a Galen Myotherapist.

Bhalu was diagnosed with bilateral elbow dyslpasia at 8 months. We were devastated and feared his quality of life would be poor and his outcome limited. Determined to find every way I could to support him as we worked on his rehabilitation, I started researching options in earnest. The Galen Myotherapy Diploma stood out because of the integrative, multi modal approach and emphasis on choice and respect for your dog. Because my background is science based, I need to see evidence to support the claims made about any therapy or intervention. So when I saw how many veterinary professionals study to become Galen Myotherapists and also play a part in the assessment process for Diploma students, I was close to making a decision.

After workshops with other providers, I spent time shadowing Julia at Galen HQ and I was sold. I was going to become a Galen Myotherapist!

Love for Learning

The journey doesn’t end there because my hunger for learning how to make every dog’s life healthier and more enriched continues.

Scentwork is a discipline which all dogs can benefit from, because it is low impact, stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain and supports healthy cognitive function. It is also simple to add to your dog’s routine. Because I have studied and applied the science of scentwork, I can show you how to introduce this to your dog as part of their treatment plan.

As a training geek I am fascinated by how dogs learn. Because of this, I use my knowledge of positive reinforcement and shaping techniques in my canine therapy work with your dog. I will show you how to teach your dog new strength exercises and introduce mentally enriching games to maximise their health and wellbeing.

Completing canine conditioning and fitness courses through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy keeps me up to date with best practice. So as a result, it supports the treatment plan I design for your dog.

Membership of the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT) gives you peace of mind that I am qualified and competent to treat your dog. It also demonstrates my commitment to continuing professional development, keeping my skills up to date and striving for excellence.


My Approach & Values

Over many years of training my dogs using positive reinforcement I know that trust, respect and choice always achieves the best outcome. Results are longer lasting, your dog has greater capacity to learn and your relationship with your dog will be stronger.

The same is true with the Galen approach to canine massage. If you choose me to join your team, your dog will always be able to choose to move away from the treament area. Many dogs do, particularly in the first session. In my experience, they choose to come back because I give them freedom of choice. They quickly learn that I am not a threat and my intentions to them are good, because they are not forced or restrained in any way and they feel safe. This approach is one of the guiding principles of Galen Myotherapy.

On a personal level, I take part in canicross (slow, steady plodder not honed athlete!) and positive Gundog training with Bhalu (we don’t shoot, the training plays to all of his natural instincts). We’re not supremos in either discipline but we love taking part and as a result I have a passion for helping to keep working dogs working and sporting dogs fit. Galen Myotherapy supports both of those outcomes.

I have developed a special interest in treating nervous, anxious dogs and have spent many hours treating rescue dogs of all shapes and sizes.

The link between behaviour and pain or discomfort is strong. Galen Myotherapy is a useful technique to build trust, relax your dog and rebalance their kinetic chain. This will ease pain which in turn will positively affect your dog’s behaviour.

Happy, healthy hounds!

My Experience

  • Nervous, anxious dogs including rescue dogs
  • Sporting dogs
  • Working dogs
  • Chronic conditions, paritcularly arthritis
  • Dog training (scent work and gundog/obedience)
  • Canine enrichment and cooperative care

My Education

  • Diploma in Galen Canine Myotherapy
  • Certificate in Small Animal Rehabilitation (SVPS)
  • Degree in Environmental Health
  • Canine Conditioning (FDSA)
  • Scent work training (WDSA – blue instructor & level 1 judge)
  • Veterinary Osteoarthritis Alliance blue paw affiliation


When joints are damaged or not aligned properly, muscles and soft tissues in other parts of the body start to compensate and can become sore, tight and painful


Working and Sporting dogs can carry a tough load on their bodies due to intense, repetitive activities. Minimise the risk of injury, improve performance and extend active years


Working with you, your vet, physio, and any other members of team dog, Galen Myotherapy supports recovery from injuries/operations and a quicker return to good health

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