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My Expertise

Treating Chronic Muscular Tension and Pain

I offer in-home treatments across Cornwall and West Devon, using canine massage (Galen Myotherapy) to treat dogs with chronic muscular pain and tension. I also offer distance support if you are further afield.

Muscular pain can be caused by  a number of issues including:

  • osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions
  • repetitive movements during play, day-to-day activities and sports
  • injuries or surgery

Galen myotherapy is a specialised canine massage therapy, which promotes health and treats chronic muscular pain using unique massage techniques and exercise management.

I carry out detailed assessments of your dog in their home environment and design a treatment programme, which  includes:

  • targeted canine massage techniques (think sports massage rather than candles and whale music!)
  • tailored conditioning plan using dynamic remedial exercises and strengthening techniques
  • advice on simple, yet hugely powerful things you can do to support your dog every day

This approach aims to manage the chronic muscular pain and inflammation that is caused by the many different conditions that are so common in a dog’s life. It will improve joint mobility, muscular health and general wellbeing.

I even teach you how to massage your dog so you don’t need to see me as often!

My Approach

As a Galen Canine Myotherapist, I follow six guiding principles which help to describe how this treatment differs from other canine massage. Understanding these guiding principles can also help you decide if this treatment approach is right for your dog.


The most important part of the treatment your dog will have with me is that they are completely in control. Galen Myotherapy’s unique Positive PACT treatment protocol ensures all dogs I treat have a choice about when to take part. I will never hold your dog in place and treatment will always take place on the floor (or on a low level) in your own home where your dog is most comfortable. If your dog wants to move away from the treatment area at any time, they can. This is so important because it helps your dog build a trusting relationship with me.


When your dog is struggling you want to help, but it can be difficult to become involved in their treatment. I will always include you in your dog’s treatment plan, showing you how to use safe canine massage techniques, along with exercise planning and environment management

Specialist Knowledge & Training

All Galen Canine Myotherapists are qualified to an exceptional level, with anatomy and physiology teaching focussed on functional application rather than pure theory. I understand your dog’s anatomy in terms of movement and how their body works in healthy and unhealthy states. I also understand how pain and stress can be reflected through behaviour. This knowledge helps me apply dog-centric, choice led treatment.

Behavioural Understanding

Galen were the first canine massage therapy organisation to discuss the direct connection between muscle pain and specific behaviour patterns. I will guide you in understanding how muscle pain can be reflected in your dog’s behaviour. This information and knowledge is also invaluable when assessing and detecting changes.

Sharing Knowledge

The welfare of dogs is Galen’s primary concern, taking priority over all other considerations. We believe in sharing knowledge through training, workshops, symposiums and events all over the world. We truly believe that what we do improves the health and wellbeing of dogs and share this in the most appropriate and far reaching ways.

Continual Development

The Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma course content has changed radically over the years due to new developments in understanding the behaviour and physical changes of dogs with muscular issues. I ensure I keep up to date with the latest evidence and findings and modify my treatment  to incorporate this. Galen recognise that it’s vital for animal welfare that we’re at the forefront of current understanding.

"Emma made friends with Lucy very quickly. Lucy can be quite nervous, but she was made to feel comfortable and was given the space she needs. Emma was very patient and treated Lucy with respect and great care"

Michelle and Lucy

"Emma was very friendly in all the sessions. She made sure she understood our dog's needs and limitations. If at any time Lulu was showing that she was uncomfortable, or needed to stop, Emma would read the signs. Lulu seemed to limp less and was more relaxed after the sessions"

Christina and Lulu

"Emma is always really upbeat, happy and friendly. She is patient with the dogs and has a natural calming vibe when handling them. We have thoroughly enjoyed having Emma on site helping us"

St Francis Dogs Home 

"Twiggy has always been very nervous about any intervention. It was great to know that the therapy was going to be entirely on Twiggy's terms and it was so lovely to see Twiggy so excited to when Emma returned for subsequent sessions. It was also amazing to see Twiggy relax and really enjoy and benefit from the sessions. Twiggy had deteriorated quite quickly with her arthritis and it is great to see that, in combination with medication, she now has some relief from this. We really appreciate all that Emma has done for Twiggy"

Lynne and Twiggy

"Tiny seemed really relaxed after the sessions, which would have helped with any stress he may encounter in kennels. He also seemed more active after the sessions. Tiny has really enjoyed the sessions and the team have all been thrilled with how Emma has worked with the dogs. Emma asked lots of questions about the dogs beforehand and has always taken her time to make sure they were comfortable during the sessions. A huge thank you from Tiny!"

St Francis Dogs Home 


When joints are damaged or not aligned properly, muscles and soft tissues in other parts of the body start to compensate and can become sore, tight and painful


Working and Sporting dogs can carry a tough load on their bodies due to intense, repetitive activities. Minimise the risk of injury, improve performance and extend active years


Working with you, your vet, physio, and any other members of team dog, Galen Myotherapy supports recovery from injuries/operations and a quicker return to good health

Getting Started is Easy


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is canine myotherapy?

Myo = muscle, so in simple terms it is muscle therapy. The treatment is developed through detailed assessments which identify which targeted, specialised massage techniques are used. A tailored conditioning programme is also developed to help strengthen muscles to manage chronic muscular pain.

Which dogs could benefit?

Dogs with chronic conditions like arthritis, dogs recovering from operations, working dogs, sporting dogs. Healthy dogs, including puppies, also benefit not only through their physical health but through building even stronger bonds with you.

My dog can't lie still, is it worth even trying myotherapy?

Yes! As a  Galen Myotherapist I use the unique Positive PACT® approach which ensures all dogs I treat have a choice. I will never restrain your dog and treatment takes place on the floor (or on a low level) which is where your dog feels safest and most comfortable. This encourages all dogs to settle and trust me. I have experience and special interest in rescues and nervous dogs so don’t feel embarrased if you don’t think your dog will stay still!

Where do the treaments take place and when are you available?

I come to your home at a time most convenient for you. All I ask is that you choose a time when you can be the most relaxed, so we can get the best outcome for your best friend. Try to avoid a time close to another important appointment, like the school run or as soon as you get in from work. Evening and weekend slots are available.

Why do I need vet consent?

  1. It is a legal requirement
  2. I need to know it is safe to treat your dog
  3. Working with your vet helps me to link with any other canine professionals who might be supporting your dog. This helps us use a truly multi modal approach to get the very best outcome for your best friend.

How much does it cost?

Canine massage is often covered by your Pet Insurance, please check with your provider for how to claim. The first session costs £50 and will take up to 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are £40, please allow up to an hour for these. Distance support and other services are available, see the Services & Prices page.

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For emergencies please call your vet

Business Hours

If you are worried about your dog, it is important to get your questions answered as soon as possible. Always talk to your vet about emergencies, or if you think your dog has a new illness or their condition has changed.

I am here 7 days a week for general help and advice relating to Galen Myotherapy and will return your call or e-mail within 24hrs. 

If you call and don’t get through I am probably carrying out a consultation, so please leave a message and I will call you back.

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